Climate Mirror

an open project to mirror public climate datasets

About Us

Climate Mirror is a distributed effort conducted by volunteers, in conjunction with efforts from institutions such as University of Pennsylvania, University of Toronto, and the Internet Archive, to mirror and back up U.S. Federal Climate Data. It started pre-emptively out of concerns based on President Trump's past anti-science statements, and has continued into his administration's time in office.

The United States at night, from space.


Our goal is to store climate change data redundantly in many locations around the world. To see our current mirrors, visit We also have several torrents that you can use to both retrieve data and assist in maintaining them.


Many of the volunteers involved in mirroring climate data are using these tools

Join Us

If you want to help out with this effort, we've started a guide for how to get involved, regardless of your skill level or technological expertise. If you have server space and want to start mirroring data, you can learn more about datasets to mirror, suggest datasets, and claim datasets here. If you want to get even more plugged into coordinating this effort, join our team on Slack.


First, thank you! If you would like to help us pay server costs, you can donate on our campaign here. If you prefer, you can also donate via PayPal.

Submit Data Directly

The preferred method is to use the GitHub repository to request a mirror, but if you have reason to believe that data is in immediate danger and want to submit it directly to us, or have a reason to submit data to us without revealing your identity to us, you can submit it to our DropBox folder here. Please note that DropBox logs identifying information about you and this is not a secure or completely anonymous submission. We are working to set up a secure and completely anonymous file deposit system for the future. Individual files as large as 10GB are accepted.

Contact Us

You can contact us over many channels

Our email is hosted by Switzerland-based encrypted email provider Protonmail. You can send emails to it from any account, but if you require anonymity, create a free account on Protonmail first and use that to email us.

Secure IM (Signal): You can reach us over encrypted chat/SMS on Signal IM at number 202-792-7165.

Webform: If you prefer to contact us via a webform, you can do that here.

Partners and Allies

Other people and teams doing similar work

The PPEH Lab

The PPEH Lab at the University of Pennsylvania runs the #DataRefuge project. The team there includes professional archivists and researchers, who are organizing efforts and working with the volunteers to standardize the approach to making backups and live mirrors.


The Environmental Data and Governance Initiative

The Environmental Data and Governance Initiative is creating the networked capacity to host data that may be endangered by an anti-science administration.


The End of Term Web Archive

The End of Term Web Archive captures and saves U.S. Government websites at the end of presidential administrations. Beginning in 2008, the EOT has thus far preserved websites from administration changes in 2008 and 2012, and is currently preparing for the 2016 electoral season.


Azimuth Backup Project

The Azimuth Backup Project is a group of researchers at the University of California Riverside working to back up climate data.